L. Benjamin Rolsky received his PhD in American Religious Studies from Drew University. This is his website, a record of things published and taught, illustrated and illuminated, documented and argued. It will be of interest to those who think about culture, religion, and the popular as interrelated social phenomena. He is currently an adjunct instructor at monmouth University in history and anthropology and A part-time lecturer at rutgers university-new brunswick in Religion

Dr. Rolsky is pleased to announce the forthcoming monograph: The Rise and Fall of the Religious Left: Politics, Television, and Popular Culture in the 1970s and Beyond. Under contract with Columbia University Press (CUP) for a November 12th release. You can pre-order the text here.

Dr. Rolsky recently published a piece for The Conversation on Mr. Rogers, his faith, and the writing of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. See more at PBS News Hour and/or Salon.

Dr. Rolsky has recently been appointed Expert Commentator for the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election in the Fields of Politics, Media, and Religion at Rutgers University. Religious Left Commentary Available Here

The Latest by Commentary by Dr. Rolsky: FOCUS ON THE MESSAGE: How the Religious Left Can Reclaim the Public Square

Dr. Rolsky would like to share his latest print interview with noted journalist Jack Jenkins for Religion News Service.



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