College Readiness Training: subject Tutoring, Test prep, and Executive Functioning


with dr. l. Benjamin Rolsky (aka Dr. Benji)


Over the past decade, I've had the pleasure of working with countless clients from the New York and New Jersey areas as an Academic Coach and College Essay Consultant. My teaching emphasizes 21st Century Learning outcomes and learning goals including Global Awareness, Civic Literacy, and and Media Literacy across the educational spectrum. I work especially hard to cultivate practices of Life-Long-Learning, which are best demonstrated through instances of Effective Reasoning, Problem-Based Inquiries, and Interdisciplinary Research. In short, I encourage creativity and collaboration as indispensable dimensions of the educational process.

I am qualified to teach a variety of academic subjects within the Humanities and Social Sciences including American History, English/ELA, English Literature, and Social Studies. I am also an expert in standardized test preparation for such exams as the SAT, ACT, SSAT/ISEE, HSPT, COOP, and MCVSD (Monmouth County Vocational School Entrance Exam). Thus far, I have had students matriculate into universities such as Rutgers, Boston University, NYU, Wesleyan, and Cornell. I have also helped students achieve perfect scores in both the Reading and Writing passages of the SAT and ACT.  The best way to prepare for anything is to start early based on a action plan designed with a student's particular needs in mind.  The tests may be standardized, but your child's Action Agenda should be anything but.


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For a record of my past employment, as well as my teaching effectiveness, please refer below to a selection of my most recent student and parent reviews:


Brooklyn, NYC

My primary responsibility at Methodology was teaching. I worked with students from the fifth grade all the way up through the twelfth grade. This took place in a variety of environments and settings including classroom, in-home tutoring, and Zoom sessions.  

In addition, I worked closely with students on college admissions ranging from essay help to admissions advice.  Some of my students have gone on to NYU and Rutgers Honors College.  Most recently, two of my students will matriculate into classes at both Wesleyan University and Cornell University respectively. The CEO and I also worked closely on curriculum development when it came to critical reading, writing, and thinking.

Honors Review

MAlboro, NJ

Like my job at Methodology, my primary responsibility at Honors Review was to teach. Each week I worked with students ranging in grade level from middle school to high school. I taught classes mainly having to do with test prep and standardized testing, but I was also able to work with some students one-on-one when it came to their class assignments and homework for school. In addition, I helped create the teaching materials we used for the Monmouth Vocational School District Entrance Exam course that run during the summer months.



"I wanted to let you know that I am going to Boston University next year. I just want to thank you for all of your help, not only with the ACT or the rules of English, but how you have broadened my view of popular culture, religion, and politics. Because of you I now notice many new aspects of the world around me."
- Matt S.
"Not only did my time working with Dr. Benji improve my reading and writing skills, but it also benefitted me in ways that surpassed my expectations. While improving my proficiency in writing, he helped me realize the strengths I already had. This enabled me to feel capable of tackling my weaknesses. Most importantly, Dr. Benji challenged me intellectually, encouraging me to undergo a process of relearning things I held to be true. I am most thankful for this because it is something I can utilize beyond strictly academic settings, and for that I am thankful."
- Kayla C.
""Morning! I would like to share an amazing resource for your student's ACT/SAT prep - college essays - subject tutoring in language arts. Local folks, he has drastically improved Matthew's Language Arts scores. Dr. Benjamin Rolsky tailors his instruction to your child's needs. He will connect with your student and chart a course for these high stakes tests AND arm them with the skills they will need to be successful in high school, college and in the workforce. This is not your cookie cutter one size fits all test prep. He has had such a positive impact on Matthew in so many ways not just for his ACT prep. For more information on this amazing person click on the website attached below. THANK YOU!"
- Scott C.